These materials are useful for basic research in The Salvation Army. If you need more help with your research or finding resources, contact Library staff

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All Salvation Army materials are kept in our separate Salvation Army Collection. In the catalogue record, they're located in the Booth Salvation Army Collection. Find them on the West side of the library, near the main seating area.

Before you sit down at the computer, be prepared with the scope of your topic (year range, countries, key people, etc...).

If your paper is on the development of a particular SA doctrine, procedure, or practice, then your search should be for histories, writings of the originator(s), handbooks for officers, cadets, trainees, etc., or official doctrinal statements. Determine whether you are investigating your topic’s origins or its development over a period of time.

If you are researching an individual, then biographies and the writings, speeches, etc. of that person are going to be your main sources of information.

The items you need will likely be found in the following areas:


Browse Shelves Virtually

Did you find a good book and want to see related books nearby? Select Browse the Shelf on the book’s item details page. Use the arrow keys on either side to see what other books have been shelved in that subject and might be useful for your papers.

In the Library Catalogue an orange button reads Browse the Shelf.

Articles and Databases


The following is a small sample of journals available in this field:


Reference Material

Reference material is located in the northwest corner of the library. It's intended for use in the library only. Photocopy or scan the pages you need.

A bibliography of Salvation Army literature in English – SA REF BX 9721.2 M69

The archives can be an invaluable source of information. Before you email the Heritage Centre or Archives, make sure you have specific questions you want answered. Don’t ask for “information on Evangeline Booth” or “anything you can tell me about…” They have a great deal of information and can’t answer broad or vague questions.

Let them know your thesis statement and then list 4-5 specific answers you're looking for.


Salvation Army Resources Online

Inernational Salvation Army

Emergency Services Ministry

The Salvation Army’s Hospital Work

Women and Equality

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