Don’t meet all the requirements for admission? Some students may attend Booth University College as a special admission student. There are several categories of special admission students.

  • Full-time student status: 9 or more credit hours per term
  • Part-time student status: fewer than 9 credit hours per term


Dean’s Recommendation

The Academic Dean of Booth University College may grant admission to a student who doesn't meet all entrance requirements. This is a rare case, for up to 5% of an incoming class. These students receive full admission to Booth University College after completing 30 credits with a CGPA of 2.0 or higher.

Occasional Students

Occasional Students are not classified as admitted to Booth University College. These students do not register for courses for certificate, diploma or degree credit. Occasional students may take courses on a credit or audit basis, up to six credit or audit hours per term. To enrol for classes, occasional students do not need to apply for admission.

Students can start as an occassional students, then apply for admission to Booth University College. If admitted, up to 12 credit hours may apply toward any certificate, diploma or bachelor's degree program.

Priority goes to admitted students. Occasional students are not assigned an academic advisor. For more information, please contact the Registrar.

Visiting Students

Visiting from another institution? Submit a letter of permission from your home university or college. If you're studying at Booth University College part-time, you are not required to complete an application for admission. To study at Booth University College full-time, apply as transfer students. For more information, refer to the Transfer for Credit policy in the Academic Policieas section of the Academic Calendar.

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