At Booth University College, we offer opportunities to grow spiritually through worship, prayer and service. We believe learning happens best when we're supported in a caring community. That's why you're encouraged to bring your whole self—mind, body and spirit—into your learning experience. We offer faith-focused activities throughout the year. 

Multi-Faith Backgrounds

While Booth UC is founded by The Salvation Army and is founded on Christian beliefs and principles, our doors are open to students of all different faith backgrounds. Our campus is a safe and welcoming place to explore and grow personally in spiritual life.  

Chapels on Campus

Our campus community enjoys coming together regularly throughout the school year to sing, pray, and encourage each other in our faith. Students are invited to join us. For dates and times of Chapels throughout the year, check Populi.

Get Involved in Chapel

Interested in reading, singing, helping at special events, or taking part in student-led chapel services? We’re always looking for students to get involved. Contact the Student Services Coordinator to learn more. 

Four students sing at microphones with lights dimmed and a projector shining lyrics behind them.

Special Worship Events

Our community enjoys celebrating special occasions through worship. Common events throughout the year include:

Worship Nights

Planned by the Student Council, Worship Nights are dedicated to lifting hearts and voices through music and song. Check the Populi Calendar for Worship Night dates and times.

Heritage Days

As a celebration of Booth UC’s heritage in The Salvation Army, the events planned for Heritage Days frequently have a worship focus. Check the Populi Calendar for event dates and times.

Convocation Baccalaureate Service

As students prepare to graduate from Booth UC, we plan a full-day celebration to mark their Convocation. The Baccalaureate Service is a special worship service designed to encourage graduates and their families through spiritual reflection and celebration. It takes place on the morning of the Convocation ceremony and is open to all.  Contact Student Services for more information.


Bible Study

If you want to grow in your faith, better understand the Bible, learn more about Bible teachings, or deepen your relationship with God, our Student Services Coordinator is here to support you in your journey.

Bible Study Groups

We organize Bible study groups throughout the year. If you’re interested in joining a Bible study group or forming a Bible study group with classmates or other students, contact our Student Services Coordinator. 

Find a Local Church

We encourage all Booth University College students to find a local church home, where they can attend worship and get involved. 

If you’re new to Winnipeg and are searching for a local church, we’re happy to help. Contact our Student Services Coordinator in person or by phone to chat about local church options. 

A local Salvation Army Corps (Church) is a great place to connect. Here are some options. 

Weetamah Corps 

324 Logan Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 0L5

Phone: (204) 946-9490

Heritage Park Temple

825 School Rd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2Y 0S8

Phone: (204) 889-9203

Living Hope Community Church 

51 Morrow St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2M 1A5

Southlands Community Church

85 Keslar Road,
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 6A5

Phone: (204) 809-4574

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