The John Fairbank Memorial Library provides a quiet space to study, with areas for groups to work, and resources to help in your research. 


Library staff can help you:

  • Plan your research - define your topic, create a thesis statement, identify subtopics
  • Find resources for your course assignments in the print collection, online databases, government sources
  • Answer specific informational questions
  • Help you refine research strategies to help find information for your assignments
  • Review your assignments for clarity, citations, and structure before you submit


Research Consult 


  • Find better sources – and more of them – than you might have discovered on your own – and with less time and effort
  • Learn about how to conduct better overall searches
  • Discover how the library can help you to improve your papers, and maybe your marks!
  • Learn more about how to navigate library resources, spaces, and services

A research consult can also assist you with literature reviews/annotated bibliography support, helping you to identify the right search tools and sources, as well as focusing and evaluating your analysis.

You can also book a research consult if you need help with citation support. 

Depending on your needs, your consult could be 30 or 60 minutes long.


Workshops & Instruction


Instruction on how to do research in the library is provided in hands-on workshops hosted jointly with the Academic Learning Centre.


Our Library Skills videos can be found in The Fairbank Memorial Library group on Populi. There are a series of videos to get you skilled in searching for print & electronic books and articles and creating bibliographies.


Librarians provide workshops that are specifically tailored to the needs of individual BoothUC faculty and their courses. These sessions can include hands-on instruction in the use of print and electronic resources in a specific discipline. To arrange for a class presentation, contact your librarian.


Research Guides by Subject

Library staff have selected library and Internet resources for specific disciplines.

Copy, Print, or Scan

A photocopier/scanner and printer are located near the main desk in the library. 

Scan pages in PDF format to your email or USB drive: free

Copies and printouts: $0.10 per page (double-sided counts as 2 pages)

Colour copies and printouts: $0.35 per page. 

For assistance logging in or making copies, go to the Circulation Desk. We accept cash or credit/debit card (min. $1.00).

Lost and Found

Check the front desk for lost items. 


Faculty and students can reserve a carrel at the beginning of the fall or winter semester. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Guidelines for Carrels

  • Do not leave valuables (wallets, backpacks, computers) unattended in your carrel. The library is not responsible for theft or damage.
  • Clearly indicate which materials you do not want re-shelved.
  • All library books used for more than one day at carrels must be checked out. Books that are not checked out may be re-shelved.
  • Reference books should not be left on desks. After use, place them on a library cart for re-shelving.  

Group Study Room

Our study room is available for small groups (minimum three people). Students can book the room up to two hours per day and twice a week. Bookings can be made up to one week in advance.

If the room is not occupied within 15 minutes of a scheduled booking, it will become available for anyone to use or book.

Use your student ID card at the front desk to book the study room, or contact us. 

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