Booth University College’s Cabinet advises the President on all matters related to the conduct of the business of the University College.

Role of Booth University College’s Cabinet

Booth University College’s Cabinet works with the President to establish the strategic direction of the University College and advises the President on matters of policy, operations and planning.

Specifically, the Cabinet:

  • under the direction of the President, develops, reviews and revises the strategic plan for the University College in a manner that supports the Ends Policy of the Board of Trustees;
  • under the direction of the President, develops institution-wide policies that govern the operation of the University College;
  • acts as a forum for sharing information and developing responses to institution-wide issues;
  • develops the University College budget for recommendation to the Board of Trustees by the President, in accordance with the policies established by the Board of Trustees;
  • develops and upholds institutional values;
  • processes human resource issues as needed; and,
  • advises the President on other matters as needed.

Booth University College Cabinet Members:

Operating Principles

Booth University College’s Cabinet operates in accordance with the following principles:

  • Cabinet deliberations will be open and honest;
  • Cabinet will conduct professional, constructive conversations;
  • Cabinet members will display trust, mutual support and respect for each other;
  • Cabinet members will respect everyone’s right to dissenting viewpoints;
  • Cabinet will ensure strong, open communication and dissemination of information to campus constituencies;
  • Cabinet members will support the decisions of the President and Cabinet.

Terms of Reference

  • Members: President, Chief Academic Officer, Vice President of Administration, Dean of the School for Continuing Studies, Dean of Students and others as determined by the President
  • Recording Secretary: Executive Assistant to the President