Impact of Giving

Whatever your reason for supporting Booth University College, we guarantee that your gift will have great significance to our students, our faculty and staff, and the future of Booth UC.

“I have always believed that studying is not only about finding a job or making money. I want to use my skills to make the world better, to help people in need, and to engage with activities that benefit our community. I feel I’m in the right place at Booth, because they provide ‘education for a better world’.

I feel encouraged by professors and my classmates as we learn how to combine our knowledge with Christian spirit.”

Catherine Yaning Zhang

“Without scholarships I wouldn’t be here. The financial burden deters people from going to school, and there are extra expenses when you aren’t home. I’ve been able to pay for school fees. I was fortunate to have scholarships to be here.

On behalf of students who are here because of scholarships, thank you. It helps people pursue their dreams of getting a better education.”

Keyanna Davis

“Being an international student, tuition is normally on top of the list of my worries. The bursary program has been a huge blessing in supporting my tuition deficit and has played a role in minimizing stress to myself and my family back home. The gift of the bursary has enabled me to focus on my studies, get the desired grades, and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to become a social worker. Now I am close to becoming a social worker – a profession that will enable me to make an impact in the community and society at large. Due to the support of the bursary, I will be able to help the needy and vulnerable individuals in society to meet their goals.”

Japhlet Lolo

“I chose Booth because of their values and mission for education. Booth isn’t like any other university. It is an institution that does not just give you a high standard education, but purpose to use that education to bring it to the real world and make an impact on the community.

Booth treats their students very well. Since the class sizes are relatively small, instructors can focus on individual students resulting in a more personalized education. You can even sit and have lunch with your professors if you’d like to and chat about your classes.”

Joshwill Tampai

Why give to Booth University College?

Donating to Booth University College shows your commitment to:

  • Empowering students, giving them the opportunity to positively impact our communities and the world.
  • Investing in a Christian institution that is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence.
  • Making education accessible to those who could not otherwise afford to pursue post-secondary programs.

Giving opportunities

Our approach to learning is anchored in academic excellence and based on a mission of hope and social justice. Here’s how you can help.

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