Featured Giving Opportunities

Booth University College is committed to providing Education for a Better World. Our approach to learning is anchored in academic excellence and based on a mission of hope and social justice. We go beyond preparing students for a career. We prepare them to impact their own communities and the world.  Together we can make this happen.

Education for a Better World (Annual) Fund donations are undesignated gifts, directed to areas of greatest need at Booth University College: bursaries, operational costs, program development, research, infrastructure repairs, and upgrades to name a few. The direct results of an undesignated donation are lower fees, which enable more students to afford a Christian education.

This new bursary fund was launched in May 2020, in answer to the increasing demand for bursary funding from our students. The bursary helps to offset the cost of tuition, which helps students afford the essentials in life, like food and shelter. Help students to weather the financial impact of the pandemic by donating to the COVID-19 Emergency Bursary Fund.

Student Scholarships are funded by donors and are awarded annually to students who excel academically and who are outstanding community members. These students exemplify Education for a Better World. If you would like to support excellence in education, consider a Student Scholarship donation.

Whether the need is for books or electronic subscriptions, our John Fairbank Memorial Library is always expanding its offerings. Your gift to the Library will ensure that students have access to the most relevant and up-to-date academic resources and services possible.

In April 2019, Booth University College launched the first annual Alumni Giving Challenge. Majors Graciela (BSW/05) and Jeff (BA/05) Arkell created the Booth UC Alumni Bursary Fund in response to this Challenge. A donation to the Alumni Bursary an investment in the needs students of today, so that they may become the Booth UC alumni of tomorrow.

If you support Education for a Better World, then join us in building a better Booth UC with Hope, Mercy and Justice, by purchasing a Brick in the Bistro and showing your support on the donor wall. All donations are directed to the Education for a Better World Fund. For more information, check out our Bricks in the Bistro Campaign page.