Office of the President

Office of the President

President, Booth University College

Welcome to Booth University College. The decision to pursue higher education is significant. My experiences as an undergraduate and graduate student profoundly influenced my thinking and my faith – it exposed me to new ideas, concepts, disciplines and literature; it challenged my assumptions and the faith tradition I knew, and it helped me to develop a deeper sense of what faith means in the context of a broader intellectual, social and relational context; it introduced me to excellent professors passionate in their disciplines, and passionate students striving to find their place. It also included the inevitable bumps and bruises along the way. This is the stuff of higher education.

Booth UC has a wonderful record of delivering academic excellence and service. The core of our Mission is the integration of Christian faith, rigorous scholarship and a passion for service. For 36 years Booth UC students, graduates, faculty and staff have embodied these qualities in Winnipeg and beyond. Building on the strengths of our academic programs, exceptional faculty and staff, a clear strategy for the future and a growing student body, we are providing students with an outstanding education that will equip them to be transforming influences in their communities, professions and relationships; and we are committed to delivering Education for a Better World.


There are several ways to communicate with Booth University College President, Dr. Marjory R. Kerr:

  • Call her office at
    or toll-free at
    877-942-6684 x863
  • Email her at President@BoothUC.ca
  • Write to her at:
    Office of the President
    447 Webb Place
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    R3B 2P2

I Thessalonians 5:21 challenges us to “test everything, hold on to the good”.  One of my goals as President is to help Booth UC do that and to be open to it myself.  This is a verse that I discovered as an undergraduate university student and it has been part of my life ever since. “Test everything, hold on to the good”.  It’s not an invitation to try everything – there is a difference! But it is an invitation to test – to evaluate, consider, question, debate and engage in dialogue. This is learning; this is education. Booth UC provides students with a unique opportunity to pursue an education in the context of faith, scholarship and relationship. I hope that excites you as much as it does me.

If you are already a Booth UC student, we are delighted that you have made the decision to pursue your education at Booth. May you be challenged in your understanding and worldview, may you wrestle with significant questions of life and learning, and may you find grace in it all.

If you are exploring where and how you might pursue your undergraduate education, I invite you to consider Booth UC.  For more information about Booth University College, you can explore our website or contact the Admissions office.