April 22, 2024

Community Life, Student Success

At Booth UC, students have a variety of academic supports available through the Academic Learning Centre (ALC). Free one-on-one tutoring, workshops, individual or group exam study sessions, and drop-in advising are all available. Together, our faculty, staff, and peer tutors foster a learning environment dedicated to supporting students on an individual level.

While chatting with ALC Lead Tutor Megan Vlok, the value of the support offered by the ALC becomes even more evident. Having used the ALC since becoming a Booth UC student, Megan was recruited to become a tutor. "I’ve been a tutor now since 2022. Darla, the ALC Coordinator at the time, encouraged me to apply for the position so I just went for it and got it!" Megan is in her final year of a BSW after degree and set to graduate in April of 2024. Her work at the ALC has been a particular highlight of her time at Booth UC.

"I have had the genuine privilege of seeing peoples’ confidence grow. People who go from ‘As long as I pass’ to ‘I can’t believe I did this!’ That’s the best part. And there’s no special recipe. It’s just commitment and prioritizing the work. And they do! Students put in the hard work and they get results. So it’s very exciting," states Megan.

The goal of the ALC is to help students improve their academic skills in order to be more successful in their courses. This involves helping them identify areas for improvement and teaching them strategies to develop and enhance those areas.

Read more of Megan’s story (and the ALC) in our upcoming issue of the Connect magazine.

I’ll review assignments and help students understand where things can be improved. Having that extra pair of eyes is so helpful.

- Megan Vlok

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