Centre for Salvation Army Studies

The Centre for Salvation Army Studies is a small, focused institute within Booth University College. Its overall purpose is to nurture high-quality research on The Salvation Army, which now operates in more than 130 countries around the world. As a clearinghouse for research and publications on The Salvation Army, the Centre aims to foster and support critical examinations of the denomination’s history, theology and multi-faceted ministries.

Activities that come under the mandate of the Centre for Salvation Army Studies include the sponsorship of lecture series at Booth University College, the convening and funding of sessions at international academic conferences (e.g., the Annual Meetings of the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature), the organization of symposia, and the facilitation of research on the religious organization.

Library Collections

The Centre for Salvation Army Studies maintains a non-circulating library of more than 1,500 volumes related to The Salvation Army. Presently, the collection consists of books, songbooks, pamphlets and a variety of periodicals (The Christian Mission MagazineThe War Cry [London], The OfficerThe Staff ReviewAll the WorldThe Darkest England / Social GazetteThe Y. P. MagazineThe WarriorThe VanguardThe Bandsman and SongsterThe Young Soldier [London], and The Salvation Army Year Book). For a complete record of the Centre’s extensive holdings, researchers are encouraged to visit its online catalogue at Library Thing. Researchers may also wish to consult the Booth University College John Fairbank Memorial Library, which boasts an equally large collection of Salvation Army books and periodicals.

Visit the Centre for Salvation Army Studies

Researchers may visit the Centre in person by making an appointment with Dr. Andrew Eason, Director of the Centre for Salvation Army Studies and Director, School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Booth University College