Behavioural Sciences Bachelor Degree (BA)

If you’re interested in culture, enjoy working with people and want to help improve the lives of others, a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioural Sciences could be the perfect fit. This interdisciplinary behavioural sciences bachelor degree is specific enough to prepare you for a career, yet broad enough to equip you for a wide array of job opportunities.


*3-year degree program (90 credit hours)
*4-year degree program (120 credit hours)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Behavioural Sciences program at Booth University College provides you with a unique focus that combines sociology (the study of social behaviour), psychology (the study of mind and behaviour) and a general foundation in the social sciences. Studying sociology will change your understanding of how the world operates. You’ll develop a perspective sensitive to the social forces that shape you and your world. You’ll see education, politics, economics, religion, culture and Canadian society in new ways. The study of psychology will enable you to appreciate individual differences and how people’s behaviour is shaped by biology and culture. You will wrestle with the nature of the mind, intelligence, consciousness, memory and personal identity.

Studying at Booth

As a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences student at Booth University College, you’ll be in the unique position of gaining a real understanding of how and why people and societies behave the way they do, and how to integrate this understanding with a Christian worldview focusing on social justice. We’ll enhance your understanding of, and commitment to, the socially disadvantaged, and prepare you to become an agent of change in the world.

We accomplish this task by developing critical thinking about social change, encouraging students to do ‘real-world’ research, offering internships and promoting an understanding of social forces, human physiology and development, diversity and social institutions. Through disciplined scholarship, effective learner-centred teaching and experiential education, we prepare our students not only to competently interpret individual, local, national and global patterns of change, but also to effectively engage in social change for people’s benefit. Your Booth University College experience can also include the opportunity to add in an educational travel experience to enhance your studies.

Behavioural Sciences Internship Opportunity

In the behavioural sciences bachelor degree program, you have the option of taking internships that will provide you with an opportunity to apply the material you have learned in your courses to the work environment. Enjoy the rewarding experience of hands-on community involvement for the furthering of social justice, as you gain valuable work experience and job references that can help secure a job after graduation. Visit our internships page for more information.

Behavioural Sciences Research Opportunity

Our best and brightest behavioural sciences students have the opportunity to do meaningful community-based research alongside their professors, something usually only available to graduate students.

Learning Objectives:

In addition to the Institutional Learning Outcomes, the Bachelor of Arts in Behavioural Sciences program seeks to develop in its students the following intellectual abilities and disciplinary skills:

  1. A sound theoretical foundation in the fields of psychology and sociology;
  2. The ability to use basic research methodologies with a critical sensibility, including quantitative and qualitative methodologies;
  3. To demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of prevailing social forces and institutions and the fundamentals of human psychological development and behaviour;
  4. To gain a particular area of expertise appropriate to the undergraduate level of study;
  5. To be prepared for the pursuit of graduate studies in either psychology or sociology if so desired.

“I think a Liberal Arts education is important because it empowers students to gain a sense of social responsibility. Liberal Arts degrees teach intellectual and practical skills that are able to be transferred across a variety of different careers… communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills. At Booth UC, these skills are implemented from the beginning of your University career.”

– Madison Enns (BA/19)

Pre-Professional Pathways

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Professional Resources

Course Requirements

To earn a 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Behavioural Sciences, you must successfully complete a minimum of 120 credit hours comprised of:

  • 42 credit hours of core curriculum requirements: includes Introduction to Christianity, World Religions, Urban Service Learning, University Writing, Representative Literary Works, plus: 6 credit hours in Math and Sciences, 6 credit hours in Social Sciences, 3 credit hours in Religion 200 level or higher, 3 credit hours in Philosophy, and 3 credit hours in Fine Arts.
  • 48 credit hours in the discipline, includes those taken in the core.
  • In addition to the above, the disciplinary courses as listed below must be completed. When courses appear in the core curriculum and in the disciplinary major they may be counted in the total for both areas. For example, PSY 120 Introduction to Psychology I (3) and PSY 121 Introduction to Psychology II (3) fulfill both the core curriculum requirement for six credits of social sciences and the Behavioural Science requirement for the course.
    • PSY 120 Introduction to Psychology I (3)
    • PSY 121 Introduction to Psychology II (3)
    • SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology (6)
    • BHS 200 Research Methods (3)
    • BHS 300 Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences (3)
    • BHS 301 Application of Statistics and Quantitative Research (3)
    • BHS 499 Capstone Integration (3)
  • A minimum of 27 credit hours in psychology and sociology at the 200 level or higher
  • A minimum of 12 credit hours in psychology and sociology at the 300 level or higher (including BHS 300 and BHS 499)

Detailed information on course options is available in the Academic Calendar.

Career Opportunities

The knowledge you obtain from psychology and sociology can be applied anywhere human beings are found. Jobs change with time, some even become obsolete, but knowledge of human behaviour is an enduring quality.  Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Behavioural Sciences program are prepared for careers in areas such as urban studies, criminal justice, research, community development, advocacy, environmental issues, counseling, missions and ministry. You’ll also graduate with an appropriate level of preparedness for the pursuit of graduate studies in the social sciences if so desired.

Looking to Minor in Psychology? 

Psychology Minor Requirements: 18 credits in PSY (PSY 120 & PSY 121 required). At least 6 credits must be at 300 year level or higher.

Looking to Minor in Sociology? 

Sociology Minor Requirements:18 credits in SOC (SOC 100 is required). At least 6 credits must be at 300 year level or higher.

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