English Bachelor Degree (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English at Booth University College is a flexible interdisciplinary program that can be pursued as a three-year or four-year degree. Combine an English major with a Film Studies minor and you can unite your passion for film and theatre with your love for reading, writing, and language. The benefits and opportunities are abundant. Your degree will lay the foundation for many career paths, or if further education is desired, it can also prepare you for the demands of graduate studies.


The Booth University College English and Film degree programs and specializations offer students an opportunity to explore British, American, Canadian, and other literature from the past and present as well as develop critical thinking, writing and presentation skills that will be foundational to a wide variety of careers.

Courses are organized in various ways: according to historical periods, nationalities, genres, themes, and theoretical issues.

Studying at Booth

The English and Film degree programs at Booth University College offers dynamic courses taught by passionate professors known for making their classes interesting, thought-provoking and fun. Students value the small class size and the highly personalized approach, enjoying the opportunity to pursue topics of interest on their assignments and presentations.

Our program places particular emphasis on understanding literature, film and related media within a larger context of liberal arts – philosophy, psychology, political science and history. Students will explore British, American, Canadian and other literature from the past and present, in courses that are organized in various ways: according to historical periods, nationalities, genres, themes and theoretical issues. As you explore stories, you’ll be exploring life – discovering things about yourself and others, while uncovering truths about human nature and the human condition.

Learning Objectives:

In addition to the Institutional Learning Outcomes, English and Film Studies courses, degree programs and specializations seek to develop in students the following skills:

  1. To interpret a variety of literary and cultural works, including fiction, non-fiction, film, drama, poetry and visual media, and including the historical, political and cultural frameworks determining their composition and reception;
  2. To express intelligent, critical arguments in multiple modes such as scholarly writing, oral presentations and classroom discussions;
  3. To conduct independent, scholarly research of quality, evaluating both primary and secondary sources;
  4. To acquire and use in-depth multidisciplinary knowledge through the integration of the various scholarly disciplines of the Booth Core Curriculum as well as personal, social, and academic experiences;
  5. To recognize the importance of such skills for critical thinking, for personal growth, and for careers after graduation;
  6. To be prepared for the expectations of graduate studies in English Literature or film if so desired.

Course Requirements

English Bachelor Degree Program Requirements:

 Entrance to this degree program is currently open to all students on a direct entry basis. Students whose accumulated grade point average falls below 2.0 at the end of 60 credit hours of study will not be allowed to continue in the degree program. Students must attain a minimum grade of “C” in courses in the discipline in order to continue in the degree program beyond 60 credit hours.

3 year/90 credit Requirements:

  • Minimum of 90 credit hours
  • 42 credit hours in the core curriculum
  • Minimum 30 credit hours in the discipline, which include those taken in the core curriculum (excluding ENG100) including 3 credit hours of ENG280: Literary Theory, and at least 3 credit hours of ENG395: Selected Themes in English Literature. At least 9 credits must be at 300 level or higher.

4 year/120 credit Requirements:

  • Minimum of 120 credit hours
  • 42 credit hours in the core curriculum
  • 48 credit hours in the discipline, which include those taken in the core curriculum, (excluding ENG100) including ENG280: Literary Theory, at least one Special Topics course; ENG395: Selected Themes in English Literature, the 499 Integration Capstone and a minimum of 12 credits in literature prior to the Twentieth Century. At least 9 credits must be at 300 level or higher.

Detailed information on course options is available in the Academic Calendar.

Career Possibilities

With the wide range of skills you will develop while studying English and Film, a number of different career paths are open: writing, publishing, media, public relations, teaching and the film industry, to name just a few. Some students enter the workforce directly. Some students, after their foundational education in English or film studies, pursue further education. Many take professional training in areas such as law, journalism, library sciences or education.

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“My research focus is primarily on film, television, and popular culture.  I think my research helps Education For A Better World by examining the important cultural impact of those media, from the ways certain stories raise key issues within society to the popularity of certain types of narratives at particular historic moments. My critical work explores how film and television reflect issues that matter to people – issues of faith, politics, and culture.”

– Dr. Michael Boyce, Associate Professor, Vice President Academic and Dean

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Pre-Professional Pathways

Academic Calendar

Looking to Minor in English or Film? 

English minor requirements: 
ENG107 Representative Literary Works, as well as 12 credits in general courses, including a minimum of 6 credits in literature prior to the Twentieth Century and ENG280.

Film Minor Requirements:
FLM110 Intro to Film Studies I; FLM120 Intro to Film Studies II; 12 credits in general courses, including FLM380 Film Theory.

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