Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

We know that you are out there telling your friends, family and peers about your positive experiences at Booth UC. We want to thank you for tapping shoulders of future students!

Starting now, whenever you refer a student to Booth UC, you will receive one $100 textbook gift certificate, per eligible student you refer.

For you to receive this, you must be a current student at Booth UC, AND the person you refer must:

  • Be a first-time referral to Booth UC;
  • Enrol full-time and pay in full for at least one (1) semester;
  • Complete a declaration of referral, either on paper or online.

Student employees of Booth University College (except for Student Ambassadors) can participate and will receive $100 gift, per eligible student they refer.

Pay It Forward Poster

Contact Admissions at admissions@myboothuc.ca for more information.