The Salvation Army’s only University College

Thank you for your interest in attending Booth University College. As The Salvation Army’s only degree-granting academic institution, Booth University College truly is your university college.

Education for a Better World

The spirit of Booth University College is reflected in our committment – “Education for a Better World”. As an educational expression of the mission of The Salvation Army, Booth UC teaches students to understand the complexities of the world, to be mindful of Christian faith, to achieve excellence through rigorous scholarship and to become contributors to a better world.

At the heart of Booth University College’s ethos is a set of values that speaks to our belief that we all have ethical obligations to others. We trust that our graduates will be lifetime advocates for poor and oppressed persons, raising hope, social justice and mercy to counter despair, injustice and cruelty.

As Christian educators, we have faith that our graduates will take on the responsibility of leadership, using the skills they acquired at Booth University College to serve locally and around the world, and to engage their fellow community members in building a greater capacity for positive social change.

The road to Booth University College

  • 1981: First established as Catherine Booth Bible College, the college originally served as a centre for biblical studies and leadership training.
  • 1987-1988: To meet our growing needs, in 1987 we purchased the current seven-story Webb Place building in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). This new campus opened to students in September 1988.
  • 1997: In honour of The Salvation Army’s co-founders, it was renamed the William and Catherine Booth Bible College.
  • 2010: We officially became the degree-granting Booth University College we are today.

Applying to Booth University College 

Applying for admission to Booth University College is simple. Go to the Application Process page, where we’ll guide you through the steps. 

Scholarships for Salvationist Students 

In addition to the many scholarships available to Booth University College students, we also offer a number of scholarships specifically for Salvationist students. Go to the Scholarships and Awards page to see what you’re eligible for. Be sure to check out the new Territorial Salvationist Award!

Booth Bound – Campus Visit Day Experience

In addition to many Campus Visit Day experiences, Booth University College offers a unique experience for Salvationist students to visit yearly. In 2021, the event was held virtually on Monday, February 1, 2021. Full details on the Booth Bound page.

Visit Booth UC

Explore what life is like at Booth UC during Booth Bound – a campus visit weekend reserved for Salvationist students! This event was held virtually on February 1, 2021. Watch the recorded event for more information. 

“Before I came to Booth, I did a year at another university in Saskatchewan, and the entire time, I felt that I wasn’t supposed to be there. I prayed about it a lot, and felt that God was telling me that I needed to go to a Bible College. I’m glad I came because I’ve had so many opportunities to engage in events, and to meet amazing people. The community here is fantastic, but my advice for anyone who is coming to Booth for the first time would be to talk to God about it first and listen to what he has to say, and also to be open to new relationships and experiences.”
Jessica MacKenzie, Religion Student

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