Inter-Library Loan Policy

Inter-Library Loan Policy

1.0 Overview


An Inter-library loan is a transaction in which library material or a copy of the material is made available by one library to another. Resource sharing between libraries for the benefit of increasing access to information for patrons is the main premise.

The purpose of the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service is to locate and acquire, whenever possible, materials not owned by the Booth College Library for the educational, research, and general needs of the William and Catherine Booth College community. This may include, but is not limited to, books, journal articles, documents, and audio-visual materials. We are also responsible for the lending of materials owned the Library to other institutions when the requests fall into the guidelines stated here.

Booth Library’s ILL service complies with CLA guidelines and Canadian copyright law.


2.1 Introduction

Under the terms of this policy, it is permissible to request, via inter-library loan, material not available in the collection at WCBC. Each request is subject to this policy and will be decided on an individual basis whether the material can be loaned or not. Submission of a request does not guarantee retrieval.

2.2 Restrictions

This library will not ordinarily lend the following types of materials:

  1. Rare or valuable material.
  2. Bulky or fragile items that are difficult to ship.
  3. Material in high demand at the lending library.
  4. Material with local or reference circulation restrictions.
  5. Unique material that would be difficult or impossible to replace.
  6. Material signed by author or from private collections.
  7. Entire issues of periodicals (photocopies will be made of individual articles).

2.3. Conditions/responsibilities of the borrowing libraries

  1. Each library should provide the resources to meet the ordinary needs and interests of its primary patrons. Materials requested should
  2. Borrowing libraries should make every effort to fulfill requests with their own resources before using the interlibrary loan system.
  3. Safety and condition of borrowed materials is the responsibility of the borrowing library from the time the material leaves the lending library until it is received back by the lending library. The borrowing library is responsible for packaging the material appropriately for shipment and if damage or loss occurs, the borrowing library must meet all costs of repairs or replacement.
  4. The borrowing library is responsible for compliance with the copyright and its guidelines.
  5. Each library should inform patrons of the purpose of inter-library loans and of the library’s inter-library borrowing policy.
  6. Any member in good standing of the borrowing library’s service population should be eligible for inter-library loans.

2.4 Conditions/responsibilities of borrowing patron:

In accordance with this Inter-Library Loan Policy, the director implements the following procedures to ensure efficient operation of this service:

  1. The number of inter-library loan requests must not exceed 5 at one time from one patron.
  2. Replacement cost for lost/damaged materials are assigned by lending library.
  3. All patrons (as defined by the circulation policy) are eligible for inter-library loan service provided they have no history of excessively late or lost materials.
  4. Borrowing privileges may be suspended temporarily until overdue or damaged materials are replaced.
  5. Request will be filed electronically to insure prompt delivery. However, borrower must expect a 2-6 week delivery time and must fill out Inter-library Loan request form clearly and completely to avoid delay in document delivery.
  6. Due date on ILL record reflects 1 week prior to lending library due date (to allow time for shipment).

2.5 Time

The library can often borrow books and periodical articles from local libraries within five to ten working days. Items coming from out of province or those more difficult to verify or locate will take 4-8 weeks.

2.6 Renewals

In general, requests for renewals for titles obtained outside the province will not be accepted. Under extraordinary circumstances, renewals may be requested through the Library Director or Public Services Librarian. Renewals will only be considered for materials that are not overdue and may be refused by the lending library.

2.7 Notification

ILL staff will telephone or e-mail when the requested materials are ready to be picked up. Books that are borrowed must be returned to the first floor Circulation Desk by the due date.

2.8 Fees

Generally, there is no charge to our patrons for materials borrowed through interlibrary loans, however, when a cost is levied by the lending library it will be passed on to the borrower.