Distance Students

Distance Students

Whether you are off-campus locally or for an extended period of time, our goal is to support you in your academic studies with a number of services. Each time you contact us, please identify yourself as an extended learning student and give your name, course number, mailing address, and telephone number. That will ensure that we can reply to you more easily. Since provision of resources (books and/or journal articles) to extended learning students is often dependent upon the mail, you must plan ahead.

Library Cards
My Library Account
Loan Periods
Tips for searching the collection
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Remote Access to E-resources
Delivery of Materials
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Searching the collection remotely

How to find Books & Articles

As an extended learning student you are encouraged to become familiar with the library resources, whether academic, public, or special, within your own community as well as at Booth.

Click here to search our library catalogue. It is freely searchable from any computer with an Internet connection. Use it to locate books, e-books, articles, videos, kits, pamphlets, etc. that would be useful for your paper.

If you are searching for religion resources, please use this sub-set of our collection – Online Religion Resources

  • From a list of results, you can immediately find out if the article or book is available to be borrowed or viewed full-text.
  • You will need to enter your login (firstname.lastname) and  password when prompted. Please check this troubleshooting page if you need help knowing which password to use and cadets, officers, students, and staff all use a different password. If that doesn’t answer your questions or if you have forgotten your password, contact IT.
  • If an article is not available online, you can request a scanned copy of the article to be sent to you.

Getting books sent to you:

You can take the titles and authors you find in our catalogue and bring that information to your local library.  If they do not have the items, you can ask them to borrow the material from somewhere closer to your residence.  This is usually faster than asking us to sent the books to you from Winnipeg.

However, sometimes your local library facilities may not provide access to the resources that you need for your course requirements, so we are naturally your next source.

If you would like physical books sent to you in the mail, put the following information into an e-mail and send it to Library@BoothUC.ca:

  • author, title and call number of any item(s) you would like sent
  • your name, course title and shipping address
  • shipping times depend on Canada post, but average 2-7 days.
  • Items are ordered and shipped Monday-Friday only
Library Cards

Distance students do not require a library card to access resources outside of the main campus. Electronic resources are accessed using your Populi login (firstname.lastname) & myboothuc email password. Army employees will need a different password; contact IT. If you want to borrow physical books, please contact the library at library@BoothUC.ca or via our form with the information mentioned in the Getting Books Sent to You section.

My Library Account

Login to My Account from the Library website to see what you have checked out, renew items, view holds and requests, check to see if you have any overdue materials and fines, etc. You will need your Populi login (Firstname.Lastname) and myboothuc.ca password to access your account. Army employees will need a different password; contact IT.


The Library will notify students via the email on file.

Library notices would include:

  • courtesy reminder of materials that will be due in three days
  • overdue materials or fines
  • reminder of the last day to return Library materials (i.e. last day of the semester)
Loan Periods
Extended learning students may borrow up to 8 physical items per course they are taking. Since the library may pay a fee for electronic items, there is a limit of 5 requests per day, up to a limit of 20 items per course.
Books, CDs and Kits Due at the end of the term, semester (Dec, April, & August)
Videos and DVDs Library use only while on campus
Reference Books , Current journals Library use only while on campus
Course Reserve Material Library use only while on campus Loan periods vary:
2 hours, 24 hours, 3 days and 1 week.
Delivery of Materials

Distance delivery is available for students currently taking a course through Booth or the CFOT who live an hour or more outside of Winnipeg. Extended learning students who live within Winnipeg area are expected to borrow books and photocopy articles in person at the College.

Articles, book chapters, select pages (Electronic format): Fax is available, but our preference is to email PDFs. Limit of 5 requests per day; 20 items per course.

Search the library catalogue to see what we have. Click the “Request this item” link in the databases to have an article/chapter sent to you

Physical (non-electronic) items: Physical items can be mailed only within Canada. Limit of 6 items per course.

Telephone : 204-924-4858


Students can renew their materials once for an additional 8 week period:

  • Online – See instructions below. Contact IT if you have forgotten your password.
  • Reply to an automated e-mail reminder sent by the library
  • Telephone – 204-924-4858

You are responsible to return or renew your loans by the date they are due. We encourage you to renew your books a day or two ahead of time since the online system will not let you renew items that have become overdue. Also, you cannot renew items that have been placed on hold by another borrower. This way, you have enough time to return the items if necessary.

A block will be placed on the Registrar’s files for students who have overdue materials that are on hold or booked for other patrons and who have not responded to the library’s attempts at retrieving the material.

How to Renew Online

  1. Click on Your Account
  2. Enter your user ID (firstname.lastname) and password
    • Students – enter your Populi Username and Myboothuc.ca Password & click on Sign In.
    • Staff – enter your network ID and Password & click on Sign In
    • Sessional instructors, Cadets, & Officers – enter your network ID and Password provided by Booth IT. (please contact IT if you do not have this information).
  3. Click Renew to the right of each title you’re renewing.

You are responsible to return or renew your loans by the date they are due. We encourage you to renew your books a day or two ahead of time since the online system will not let you renew items that have become overdue. Also, you cannot renew items that have been placed on hold by another borrower. This way, you have enough time to return the items if necessary.

  • The books will be sent directly to you. Keep the original packaging and the enclosed postage-paid return slip. When you are finished with them, repack them in the container and attach the return slip to the front. You will be responsible for mailing them back in time. Packages postmarked before the due date will not be assessed fines.
  • Journal articles will be photocopied or e-mailed; you do not need to return these.

End of Semester Returns
If materials are not returned by the final day of the semester, the Library will issue a replacement bill in addition to any fines that may have accrued. Students will not be issued their grades or transcripts and will not be able to re-register until outstanding material has been returned or paid for.

Books, CDs, DVDs, videos 50¢ per day per item to a max. of $15.00 per item.
Course Reserves 25¢ per hour per item to a max. of $15.00 per item.
  • Patrons with fines over $20.00 lose borrowing privileges until all fines are paid in full.
  • All library cards expire on June 30. Users with outstanding fines will not be allowed to renew their cards until all fines are paid in full.
  • Students with outstanding fines may not be allowed to write final exams, qualify for awards, or graduate until all fines are paid in full. This includes amounts owed to our partner libraries.

Replacement Fees

Sometimes bad things happen to good books! If material is lost or damaged, the Library will charge the patron a replacement fee. There are no exceptions to exempt any library user from this fee.

Books or DVDs will be charged the exact cost for replacing the item + a $10.00 administration fee.

For out-of-print titles, there is a flat fee of $25.00 for trade paperbacks and $55.00 for hardcover titles.

If you locate & purchase the same edition the item in the same condition or better than the lost item, you may bring that in to replace the one that was lost. Often books are available on sites like Amazon, ABH or Bookfinder for less than we would charge.  Staff judgement on the condition of the lost item is final.

These fees may seem high but, in fact, they do not truly reflect the cost to the Library of purchasing another copy and processing it so that it can go on the Library shelves. Many valuable books are no longer in print. The Library would prefer to get all materials back, rather than try to replace them.

Research Assistance

You may get reference help from librarians in the following ways:

  • In person: speak with a staff member at the Circulation Desk
  • Email reference: email your question or fill out the online form and you will be answered within 24 hours.
  • Appointment with a librarian: use this form to book your one-on-one appointment with a librarian for up to 30 minutes.
  • Phone reference: call (204) 924-4858