Services for Alumni

Services for Alumni

Who can get a card?

Any graduate of BoothUC since 1982 and any graduate of CFOT (Canada and Bermuda Territory) can apply for access to parts of the collection with no annual fee. The alumnus of Booth or CFOT must apply him/herself and access is granted for the use of the alumus only.

To apply, fill in this form and e-mail, mail or fax it to the library.

Alumni/ae living in Winnipeg?– See the webpage for Community & Guest Users. All the information there applies to Winnipeg based alumni, except the annual fee.

Alumni/ae outside of Winnipeg? – Print & ebooks can be consulted on campus but not borrowed. You can have your local public library or current educational library request a book from the Booth collection. Please see your local library’s Interlibrary Loan or Document Delivery service for more details.

ATLASerials for Alum

Click on the image below to access


The Fairbank Library provides access for all alumni to one of our online journal collections.

We are pleased to offer this online full-text collection of over 250 major religion and theology journals used by scholars, students, and religious leaders. Click here to see a list of journals included in the collection.

Access is limited to BoothUC and CFOT (Canada and Bermuda Territory) Alumni/ae and is for alumni personal use only. It may not be shared with others.

To obtain access, please fill out the online registration form and e-mail, mail or fax it to the library . The user id and password information will be sent to you via email.

Additional online journals and databases are available for use in the library. Other online databases may be available to you through your local public library.

  • Take care of your card/access information. Don’t let others use it.
  • Let us know if your name, address, phone number or e-mail address changes.