Copyright Answers for Faculty

Copyright Answers for Faculty

What is “fair dealing”?

It is a concept introduced in the Copyright Act to allow copying without the permission of the copyright owner for the purposes of private study, research, criticism, review or newspaper summary. The limit of how much can be copied is not clearly defined.

What is Access Copyright?

Access Copyright is a collective which represents a group of copyright holders to license copying and collect royalties. Under license agreements, guidelines are set to govern the types of materials and quantities which can be copied. The college has signed an agreement with Access Copyright to facilitate copying on campus.

What can I copy under the Access Copyright agreement?

Our agreement covers copying from print materials to print/overheads and/or electronic form behind a password protected firewall only.

In Powerpoint for a lesson. Cite the source.
On a website without permission
In Populi without permission
  • You are allowed to make 1 paper copy for each student in the class/2 paper copies for each instructor or post a scanned copy of the work on your password protected course website.
  • No copying shall exceed 20% of a published work or the following, whichever is greater:
    • An article from a journal issue (including a set of conference proceedings)
    • An entire short story, play, poem, or essay from a book
    • One chapter, if it is not more than 20% of the book
    • An entire newspaper article or page
    • An entire entry from an encyclopedia, dictionary or similar reference book
    • A single item of print music from a book or journal containing other kinds of works
  • The following information should be included on the front page of the copy:
    • The international copyright symbol ©
    • Credit to the author and publisher
    • A notice which reads “This material has been copied under license from Access Copyright. Resale or further copying of this material is strictly prohibited.”
What can’t I copy under the Access Copyright agreement?
  • Systematic or cumulative copying of the same published work, which would exceed the required limit.
  • Access Copyright does not represent all publishers. Use this search tool to find out if your item is covered. Please contact Jennylyn Diones / Karina Legaspi or Meagan Morash for more information.
  • Harvard or Ivey business case studies.
  • Letters to the editor and advertisements in newspapers and journals.
  • Sheet music, workbooks, examination papers, instruction manuals, newsletters.
  • Government publications. However, you can copy federal and provincial laws and judicial decisions without asking permission, provided the copy is accurate and is not represented as an official version.
Who do I contact for permission to copy outside the agreement?

@BoothJennylyn Diones
@CFOT – Karina Legaspi
For assistance with:

  • Contacting publishers on the exclusions list for copyright clearance. Additional payment of royalties may be required.
  • Getting exception clearance for copying more than what is allowed.
  • Obtaining written permission from Access Copyright to copy up to the whole of an out of print book.

Email Meagan Morash for assistance with:

  • using work in the online environment
  • any other questions you have regarding ‘fair use’ in the classroom