Beverleigh Broughton

Sessional Instructor

Beverleigh Broughton has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and music from Brandon University, training from The Salvation Army College for Officer Training, and a Certificate in Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care from Booth University College.

She worked with The Salvation Army in Guelph, Ontario for over 25 years, first as assistant corps officer and then as the director of community and family services where she gave oversight to a wide variety of programs.

Currently, Beverleigh works as a chaplain in a retirement community where she provides spiritual care programs and services for over 300 older adults. In addition, she works with The Salvation Army as the spiritual and religious care consultant, providing support to chaplains within the various social service programs across the Canada and Bermuda Territory.

Beverleigh has many interests, including reading, singing, playing table games, and trying to beat her grandson at driveway basketball!