Donald E. Burke

BA, MA, Ph.D.
Professor of Biblical Studies

Don Burke came to Booth University College when it opened in 1982 and has served as a Professor of Biblical Studies since then. He has also served as Adjunct Professor of Religion at the University of Manitoba.

Dr. Burke’s studies included a B.A. (Wilfrid Laurier University), M.A. (St. Michael’s, Toronto), and Ph.D. (St. Michael’s/Toronto School of Theology).  This educational background prepared him to teach a wide variety of courses, not only in his primary research field of Old Testament, but also in New Testament, church history, Wesleyan studies, and theology.  His generalist education and his own interests have provided him with a breadth that allows him to integrate knowledge from a range of disciplinary perspectives.

Don’s current research interests include reading the Old Testament as Christian Scripture, Christianity’s orientation toward the marginalized, the breadth and depth of early Christian theology and the interpretation of Scripture as a theological and spiritual discipline.

Professor Burke’s teaching receives strong commendation from his students.  More than an exchange of information, for him learning is a partnership in which both he and his students are searching for truth together.  The formation that takes place in the educational context prepares students to be thoughtful, informed and compassionate.  Among his favourite courses to teach are REL 100 Introduction to Christianity, REL 200 Biblical Foundations – Old Testament, REL 302 Pentateuch, REL 303 Hebrew Bible Prophets, and REL 250 Christianity and the Marginalized.

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