James E. Read

James E. Read

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Ethics

Dr Jim Read has been part of the Booth University College faculty since its very beginnings in 1982.  He came to the University College from the USA, where he had taught philosophy and bioethics at two public universities (East Tennessee State and Miami University in Ohio).

Jim believes that all truth is God’s truth, and that truly loving God and our neighbours means that we will develop the minds we’ve been given.  So, when he was asked to join the faculty of the first degree-granting university college in his denomination, he jumped at the chance.

Since 1982, he’s taught a range of courses in philosophy and he’s held a number of administrative posts in the University College.  Now his teaching is almost entirely in ethics—not only because it’s the part of philosophy in which he specialized for his PhD dissertation (from UCLA in 1988), but also because he is now the Executive Director of The Salvation Army Ethics Centre and a Senior Policy Analyst for the International Social Justice Commission.

More on the work of the Ethics Centre and copies of several of Dr Read’s published articles and book chapters can be found at www.salvationarmyethics.org.

Jim and his wife Laurie have been members of Heritage Park Temple for the past 25 years, and over that time they have held a variety of lay leadership positions. They have three children.  When they were younger, all three studied at Booth University College.  Now one is in the provincial civil service; one is an elementary school teacher; and the third is a minister in the United Church of Canada.  Jim and Laurie also have two young granddaughters and two grandsons whom they hope will one day become part of the Booth University College student body.

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