Janice Goldsborough

BA (Adv.), CPHR
Sessional Instructor

Janice has a wide range of experience in human resources spanning over 25 years. She is president of The HR Basics and is a recognized expert in the field of human resource management. Her teaching credentials include the Faculty of Arts at Brandon University and Red River College. Currently, she teaches human resource courses at the University of Winnipeg PACE program and has developed an online course in Fundamentals of Human Resources for the Diploma in Agriculture at the University of Manitoba.

Janice earned her advanced degree in labour studies from the University of Manitoba, a Certificate in Human Resource Management from Red River College and is currently working on her master’s degree focusing on work, organizations and leadership from Athabasca University.

Janice has lived in and around Winnipeg her entire life, has two daughters, two dogs, two cats and one hedgehog.

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