Laura Burke

Sessional Instructor

Laura Burke graduated from Booth University College with a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English literature and a minor in religion. After graduating, she moved to southern Ontario to pursue her graduate degree in literature. She completed her Master of Arts, specializing in early modern literature from McMaster University. Laura has presented papers on gender and witchcraft in early modern plays as well as religious symbolism in 17th century poetry.

After completing her Master of Arts and returning to Winnipeg, Laura chose to pursue a Master of Education, specializing in distance and online learning. Since graduating from Athabasca University with her Master of Education, Laura worked at the University of Manitoba as an instructional designer and is currently employed with Neovation as a senior instructional designer.

Laura is interested in the intersection of online education and social issues, such as gender, race, and financial inequalities. In her spare time, Laura enjoys spending time with her partner, two girls, and two cats. She enjoys finding new local restaurants, spending summer evenings watching the sunset over a lake, and hiding from the cold Winnipeg winters inside with a good movie or book.