Ross Johnston

Ross Johnston

ThB, MDiv, MRE, DMin
Sessional Instructor

Ross holds a Bachelor of Theology from Canadian Nazarene College, then in Winnipeg (now Ambrose University in Calgary), majoring in pastoral ministry. He holds a Master of Divinity and Master of Religious Education from Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri, which further enhanced his skills for pastoral and church leadership. In 2010 he completed a Doctor of Ministry from California Graduate School of Theology in La Habra, California, majoring in ministry leadership, church health and church growth.

Ross’ specialization is pastoral care and ministry leadership, which he has exercised as either senior or associate pastor in five congregations in the four denominations in which he was credentialled. He also served in para-church ministry roles with Power to Change, International Bible Society, Mission Without Borders and others. Board leadership in a variety of Christian agencies has been another area of Ross’ service. Ross loves leading people into a deeper walk with Jesus, helping them come to know Christ in a deeply personal way.

In his early 20s while still studying for ministry life, Ross began ministering to seniors. This became a constant across his over 40 years of pastoral and para-church ministry service. In his last associate pastor setting, for six years he led over 400 adults aged 50+ in ministries geared to their age groups. They endeared themselves to him, and he to them. Following this chapter in his life, he wrote a book geared to seniors: Boomer Boosters: Inspiration for Aging Baby Boomers (Amazon Books). In August 2017, Ross began serving as a chaplain in a Salvation Army complex care residence for 112 residents, most all of whom are seniors. Buchanan Lodge, where he serves, is located in New Westminster, BC. In this long term care assignment, he daily draws on his clinical pastoral training from seminary days and his lifetime of pastoral care to seniors.

Ross loves spending time with Beverley, his wife since 1971, reading a wide variety of books, camping in the Okanagan with their three granddaughters and getting his inflatable kayak in the water as often as possible. Ross and Beverley both contributed chapters to a new book published in 2018: The Church in Surrey and White Rock: The Untold Story (swrchurchbook@gmail.com). They have gradually been moving west all their lives, now making their home in Surrey, BC (though both originally hail from Ontario!).