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The goal of the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) is to assist students with the acquisition of skills and strategies to help students grow in their abilities contributing to their academic success. The services of the ALC are offered through one-on-one appointments, group study sessions, skill-building workshops, and support resources in the files section of our Populi group. Students can book appointments on this page or using the link posted in Populi (join the ALC Group on Populi or find us on the Populi Links page). ALC appointments are free and available in-person, over Zoom, by email, and over the phone.

The ALC can help you with:

  • Academic Writing
    • Starting an assignment doesn’t need to be overwhelming, we can help you walk through the requirements and guide you to plan an outline for a well-organized and well-supported paper. We can also point you in the right and help familiarize you with the research tools available through the Booth Library.
    • Need a fresh set of eyes on an assignment? We can give you feedback on overall coherency, sentence structure, and watch for repeated grammatical errors. This process helps you to avoid simple mistakes, and ensure your paragraphs make sense and are well-supported. Learning from feedback helps you to improve your paper and your writing skills for your next assignment. However, we are not an editing service and we will not fix mistakes for you! You’ll still need to do all the hard work, but we will guide you in the right direction!  
  • Reading Skills & Strategies
    • Attend a reading skills workshop or meet with a tutor 1:1 to discuss strategies to improve reading comprehension and efficiency. If you’re facing a difficult read, tutors can help work through it with you, but remember, they are there to coach you as you improve your abilities.
  • Study Strategies
    • Attend the study strategies workshop or meet with a tutor for tips on studying effectively. You can also request to have an ALC tutor lead a study group for a particular course or test, or your appointment time can be used for helping you review your course content.
  • Note-taking Strategies
    • Attend the note-taking strategies workshop or meet with a tutor for ideas on different note-taking methods.
  • Steps to Writing Research Papers
    • Attend the steps to writing research papers workshop or meet with a tutor 1:1 to coach you through the process of developing a research question and how to find good academic sources.
  • Understanding Academic Integrity
    • Attend the academic integrity workshop or meet with a tutor to better understand how you can ensure you never face an integrity violation!
  • Managing Test Anxiety
    • Everyone feels some anxiety when a test or exam is looming. Attend the workshop or get tips from a tutor on how to manage your test anxiety during pre-test times and during the test itself.
  • Time Management & Goal Setting
    • Managing your time involves planning and organizing around due dates, commitments, and goals. Attend the time management workshop or meet with a tutor to help you develop these essential skills for planning and managing your semester of coursework.
  • APA, MLA, and Chicago formatting, citations, and references
    • Different courses and subject fields have different requirements when it comes to following style guides. We can help you find the correct guide and navigate the rules for formatting, citations, and reference pages. Check out our FILES section in the ALC group on Populi for quick guides and resources to answer common questions.

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Throughout the year, don’t hesitate to stop by or contact us for information. 

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    Meet the ALC staff for 2023-2024

    • Talitha (ALC Coordinator)
    • Alina
    • Derrick
    • Megan
    • Michaela
    • Michelle

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