For Parents and Families

At Booth University College, we understand that you want the most for your child’s university experience.

An education at Booth UC is about more than a high-quality education. It’s about a quality life experience, academic success as well as personal, social and spiritual growth. Booth University College is a well-respected Christian institution that will prepare your child for their career and for life. Through our promise to provide Education for a Better World, your child will be challenged and inspired to go out and positively impact the world.

More than a quality education

  • Personalized attention from the moment your child walks through our doors
  • Safe and secure campus and residence halls
  • Valuable course content to support an excellent education
  • Caring, supportive faculty
  • Knowledgeable, helpful academic advisors
  • Quality student support services
  • Scholarship opportunities that increase in value with your child’s good grades
  • Our graduates are inspired, and they get hired

During their time at Booth University College, your child will grow and develop the confidence to become a leader. They will also have many opportunities to experience all that our great city of Winnipeg has to offer. They’ll be challenged academically, but they’ll also have lots of fun in a healthy, Christian environment while building life-long friendships in a warm and welcoming community!

Contact us anytime

As a parent of one of our students, we want you to know that we value your voice and your time. If you need to talk about your child or about Booth University College, we’ll listen. If you have ideas on how we can better serve our students, we encourage you to pass them along. We welcome your opinions and value your input. Our priority is to make you and your child’s experience at Booth UC a positive one. 

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact our Dean of Students.

Privacy matters

All information related to grades and financial matters will be communicated directly to your child. Unless your child gives us written permission to provide this information to you, we are prohibited from doing so by privacy legislation. Letters of permission can be provided to our Registrar’s Office.