Spiritual Life

At Booth University College, we’re dedicated to the ideals of Christian higher education. We offer faith-focused activities and opportunities throughout the year which celebrate God and promote worship. Visit our Student Services Coordinator for friendship, dialogue, and to explore your own values and beliefs.

Dealing with Fear, Anxiety and Grief: A Short Guide to Living with the COVID-19 Pandemic

This booklet is a collection of ideas and resources to keep in mind and engage with in the days ahead. It is divided up under the headings: On Staying Informed, Self-care, and Grief.

Faith matters: feed your spirit

In pre-COVID times we held regular community gatherings, hosted guest speakers, organized Bible study groups, and created opportunities for you to explore life’s big questions. We hope to resume all of these in 2022-23.

Worship Services

There are regular opportunities to participate in worship services throughout the year, be it in-person or virtual. (Visit the Worship Services page to learn more.) At this time, on-campus gatherings have been cancelled, however, we invite you to watch our “virtual mini-gatherings”.

September 16, 2020

You can find all of Booth UC’s mini-gatherings on our YouTube channel

Bible Study

Bible studies are available in group or individual format. If you want to join a group, form a new group, or make a personal appointment, go to our Bible study page to learn more

Find a local church

We encourage all Booth University College students to find a local church home, where you can attend worship and get involved. 

If you’re new to Winnipeg and are searching for a local church, we’re happy to help. Connect with our Student Services Coordinator in person or by phone to chat about local church options. 

Contact us

Contact Student Services for information, opportunities, or support in your spiritual life.


Visit the Student Services Coordinator, located on the main floor in Room 105.


204-924-4875 or
toll-free 1-877-942-6684 x875