Student Council

Our Student Council includes a diverse student representation from around the world. Members bring their enthusiasm and fresh perspective to fulfil a mandate of fostering a vibrant, engaged, and connected student community at Booth University College. 

Meet the 2023/24 Student Council

Ways to get involved

  • Create a student club or group.
  • Volunteer at Student Council events.
  • Connect with your Student Representative to suggest ideas and raise concerns.

Election process

The Student Council facilitates elections in the fall for first-year student representatives and in the winter for the Student Council for the following year.

  • Elections take place over three days. Students can vote from 8 am – 4 pm. You must present your Student ID.
  • In a contested race, the winning candidate must have more votes than any of their opponents. In an uncontested election, the candidate must have a majority of Yes votes.
  • Candidates will have an opportunity to share their ideas and vision for the Student Council with the broader student community.

For more information, please message us on social media or connect with a Student Council representative. 

Student Health & Dental Plan

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Constitution and By-Laws

Read our Constitution and By-Laws for more about the roles and objectives of our Student Council. 

Our history

Go to our Student Council history page to read about Booth UC’s first Student Council.

Student governance positions

Get information about additional student governance positions.