How to Download a Fillable PDF form, Complete, Upload and Send in Populi

Download Instructions (PDF)

Step 1: From your Populi account, locate the “files” section

Step 2: Click on the file where the document you are seeking is kept ie: “Forms – Financial Aid”

Step 3: Click to highlight the form you wish to complete

Step 4: Click on “Download”


Step 5: Complete all blue fillable PDF sections

Step 6: Once completed, click “File” then “Print”

Step 7: Choose Printer selection to be “Print to PDF”

Step 8: Click on “Print” and choose a destination on your computer you wish to save your form


Step 9: From your Populi account, locate the “files” section

Step 10: Click on “Upload Files”

Step 11: Drag & drop your form onto the box, or click to choose it from your computer


Step 12: Select the uploaded file by clicking in the box

Step 13: Press “Send”

Step 14: Type in the name of the person you wish to send your form to (it will autofill once you get started), and Press “Send”, the uploaded file will remain in your files for your records