School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences encourages an environment of academic rigour and intellectual engagement in a range disciplines, framed within a liberal arts tradition that prepares students for a lifetime of learning and a variety of potential career paths.

Program Options

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences offers six bachelor’s degrees, an associate degree, and a one-year certificate, each with its own benefits and opportunities.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in:

Behavioural Sciences (3 and 4-year)
Community and Urban Transformation (4-year)
English (3 and 4-year)
Interdisciplinary Studies (3 and 4-year)
Psychology (3-year Community Mental Health and 4-year, with applied and honours options)
Religion (3 and 4-year)

Associate Degrees:

Associate of Arts Degree (2-year)


Certificate of Christian Studies


Laying the foundation for many career paths, you’ll choose from a range of programs and disciplines — Religion, Psychology, Behavioural Science, English and Film Studies, or General Studies. If you’re seeking further education, it can also prepare you for the demands of graduate studies. You’ll learn to view the world with a broader, more informed perspective and acquire skills that are sought after in todays workplace. 

Studying at Booth

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences offers an environment and teaching approach that encourages learning and growth. 

  • A collaborative small group environment
  • One-on-one advising
  • Small student-to-faculty ratio
  • Direct access to our faculty’s expertise

Your Booth University College experience can also include an educational travel opportunity to enhance your studies.

“I appreciate the opportunities I have to integrate faith and learning. I am proud to be part of a Christian university college. Moreover, my love of learning inspires me to teach at Booth UC! One cannot be a good teacher without remaining an enthusiastic and inquisitive student. It is this passions for knowledge that I want to pass on to my students.”

Dr. Andrew Eason, Director, School of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

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