Want to better understand urban issues and help transform your community? This program is for you. Learn to analyze cities, urbanization, and urban experiences through a variety of lenses. You'll graduate ready to promote equitable, sustainable, and flourishing urban communities.


The Bachelor of Arts in Community and Urban Transformation (CUT) can be completed in:

  • 4 years (120 credit hours)

CUT examines the city as a dynamic environment. You'll learn an interdisciplinary social scientific approach that's globally engaged and regionally responsive.  We'll explore traditional issues of urban studies, such as planning and development. We'll also consider modern concerns of development and how it impacts the marginalized. 

Courses focus on local issues, including poverty, homelessness, and the Indigenous experience. The program also extends to global issues like international development and human rights. 

You'll gain the techniques and strategies to address urban social issues by:

  • Learning in the community
  • Building intercultural knowledge
  • Gaining conflict transformation skills
  • Pursuing leadership development
  • Exploring spiritual formation
  • Experiential Learning

Minor in CUT

  • 18 credit hours from:
    • CUT100 The Social Life of Cities (3)
    • SOC100 Intro Sociology (6)
    • SOC210 Social Problems (3)
    • SOC380 Social Theory (3)
    • BHS200 Research Methods (3)
    • CUT200 Pre-Field Seminar (3)
    • CUT 301 Urban Practicum I (3)
    • CUT395 Selected Themes in CUT (3)
    • CUT390 Independent Study in CUT (3)
    • ETR395 Educational Travel: Selected Themes (3)

Studying at Booth UC

What makes the CUT program unique is its internship and research components, offering hands on learning experiences. From policy to practice, you'll get an understanding of cities and the forces that drive its people.

  • Our program integrates a Christian worldview focusing on social justice.
  • Our small classes allow you to form meaningful connections with your classmates and professors. Our professors get to know you personally so they can offer individualized support.
  • You'll be encouraged to do real-world research. We provide research apprenticeships, which allow you to collaborate with a professor on a research project.
  • Through our internship program, you'll gain hands-on experience in local agencies. 

Expect to develop a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and the social forces that change us as people. 

CUT Internship 

You'll have the option of taking internships to gain practical experience in local agencies. Our internships provide an opportunity to apply your knowledge in the work environment.

Gain valuable experience and references that can help you secure a job after graduation. Visit our internships page for more information.

Research Opportunity

Research apprenticeships are usually only available to graduate students. At Booth UC, our best and brightest CUT students have the opportunity to do meaningful community-based research alongside their professors.

What You'll Learn

Here’s what you can expect to learn in the CUT program, in addition to our Institutional Learning Outcomes:

  • A sound theoretical foundation in the interdisciplinary field of urban studies.
  • The ability to use quantitative and qualitative research methodologies with a critical sensibility.
  • A comprehensive understanding of social forces and institutions at work in the urban context.
  • A particular area of expertise appropriate to the undergraduate level of study.
  • Preparedness for the pursuit of graduate studies in urban studies, the social sciences, and related fields.

Your Future

A CUT degree sets you up for a meaningful, fulfilling career. The combination of social scientific and urban studies is relevant anywhere there are humans and cities. Although jobs evolve over time, the knowledge of human behaviour in such contexts remains valuable across any field of work. 

You'll be able to support human flourishing in community in areas such as: 

  • Social services
  • Urban studies
  • Criminal justice
  • Research
  • Community development
  • Advocacy
  • Environmental issues
  • Counseling
  • Ministry

You’ll also be prepared to pursue graduate studies in the social sciences and urban studies.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Small class sizes, a collaborative learning environment, and faculty who believe in Education for a Better World. The School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Booth UC provides a meaningful student experience that prepares you with knowledge and confidence for today's world. 

The CUT program emphasizes a transformational approach. Not only are we encouraging students to study and experience cities, to understand issues like poverty and health, we want them to be able to contribute some kind of change. What makes the program unique is our practical component. Students gain hands-on experience in the field work with urban organizations.

- Dr. Aaron Klassen, Assistant Professor of Sociology


For course details, visit the Academic Calendar.

4 year (120 credits)

  • Minimum 120 credits
  • Minimum 42 credits in Core Curriculum
  • 33 credits required courses
    • 27 disciplinary elective credits
    • 18 general elective credits

Required Courses (33 credits)

  • BHS310 Qualitative Methods (3)
  • BHS200 Research Methods (3)
  • CUT100 The Social Life of Cities (3)
  • CUT200 Pre-Field Seminar (3)
  • CUT 301 Urban Practicum I (3)
  • CUT 302 Urban Practicum II (3), or CUT311 (1.5) and CUT312 Workshop / Conference Participation (1.5), or ETR395 Educational Travel: Selected Themes (3)
  • SOC100 Intro Sociology (6)
  • SOC210 Social Problems (3)
  • SOC380 Social Theory (3)
  • CUT499 Advanced Community and Urban Studies Seminar / Capstone Integration (3) or HUM499 Capstone Integration (3)

Elective Courses (30 credits)

  • BUS230 Marketing (3)
  • BUS250 Organizational Behaviour (3)
  • BUS335 Marketing in a Not-For-Profit Environment
  • BUS352 Leadership (3)
  • BUS494 Creativity, Innovation and Negotiation (3)
  • CUT3XX Disciplinary electives
  • CUT395 Selected Themes in Community and Urban Transformation (3)
  • CUT390 Independent Study in Community and Urban Transformation (3)
  • CUT490 Advanced Independent Study in Community and Urban Transformation (3)
  • ENG360 Mass Media and Society (3)
  • ENG320 Trauma Literature (3)
  • ETR395 Educational Travel: Selected Themes (3)
  • REL332 Perspectives on a Theology of Social Justice (3)
  • PSY354 Community Psychology (3)
  • PSY395 Selected Topics in Psychology (3)
  • REL250 Christianity and the Marginalized (3)
  • REL333 Wesleyan-Salvationist Theology of Mission (3)
  • SOC220 Introductory Criminology (3)
  • SOC355 Human Diversity (3)
  • SOC370 Social Change (3)
  • SOC372 Sociology of Religion (3)
  • SOC390 Directed Readings in Sociology (3)
  • SOC395 Selected Topics in Sociology (3)
  • SWK220 Introduction to Social Welfare (3)

Admission Requirements

Review the admission requirements for this program, plus specific details for mature students, international students, and high school equivalencies for applicants outside Manitoba.

Contact Us

Our Admissions Team is happy to provide more information or help you through the application process. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about Booth University College or any of our programs.

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