E-Book User Guide

E-Book User Guide

How to…
To view an eBook online:
    1. All of our e-books can be found the same way as print books, by searching our library catalogue. Tip: To separate e-books more efficiently, try using the Advanced Keyword search. Type in the name of the author and/or title, then select Format: ebook. Ebooks are identifiable by the book icon labelled “eBook” found underneath the title of a book.
    2. Once you’ve located a title, click on the link labelled “View eBook” found under the title & publishing information about the book.

  1. Enter your User ID and password. (If you have forgotten your password, contact the library.)
  2. Click the eBook Full Text link on the Result List or Detailed Record to read the book on your computer screen.
  3. Click the Table of Contents link to view the chapters of an eBook. You can go directly to a chapter in the eBook Viewer tool by clicking on a chapter.

Note: Sections in the Table of Contents with a plus sign (+) can be expanded by clicking the plus sign.

To download an eBook to a computer or laptop:

You will need to create a My EBSCOhost folder account to download eBooks. Click here for instructions on creating that account.

For details on how to download ebooks onto your computer or mobile device, click here.