Apply your current degree toward a meaningful career in social work. This Bachelor of Social Work program is for people who have a suitable undergraduate degree. In only two years you’ll have the knowledge and practical skills to become a registered social worker.  


The Bachelor of Social Work After-Degree from Booth University College can be completed in:

  • 2 years (75 credit hours)

This program can be completed in two full-time academic years, including one summer term. Apply to Booth University College and to the Social Work program at the same time. You must be admitted to both.

Our program has a strong focus on policy and clinical practice. In this After-Degree program, expect the same learning outcomes as our Bachelor of Social Work program.

"I thought Booth UC would be a really good fit for me in terms of the class sizes. You can make those close connections with teachers and fellow students. It’s more a community rather than only a university. It’s like a family. Everyone knows each other, and that’s what I wanted."

- Mishel (BSW After-degree, 2023/24)

Mishel sitting on park bench.

The School of Social Work

Small class sizes, a collaborative learning environment, and faculty who believe in Education for a Better World. The School of Social Work at Booth UC provides a meaningful student experience that goes beyond the classroom.


To earn a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) through Booth University College’s after degree program, you must successfully complete:

  • At least 75 credit hours, including:
  • 63 credit hours in the discipline, including:
    • 57 required credit hours
    • 6 credit hours of electives
  • 12 credit hours of core religion requirements, including:
    • REL100 Introduction to Christianity
    • REL270 World Religions
  • 3 credit hours above the 200 level in a Christian tradition 

For course details, visit the Academic Calendar.


Required Courses

(57 credit hours)

  • SWK 110 Introduction to Social Work Practice (3)
  • SWK 220 Introduction to Social Welfare (3)
  • SWK 232 Foundations I (3)
  • SWK 233 Foundations II (6)
  • SWK 310 Research Methods (3)
  • SWK 312 Human Behaviour in the Social Environment I (3)
  • SWK 313 Human Behaviour in the Social Environment II (3)
  • SWK 322 Indigenous People and Social Work Practice (3)
  • SWK 325 Social Work Field Practice I (6)
  • SWK 326 Social Work Field Practice Integrative Seminar I (3)
  • SWK 334 Foundations III (3)
  • SWK 360 Crisis Intervention or SWK 370 Trauma Informed Practice (3)
  • SWK 410 Ethical Practice of Social Work (3)
  • SWK 421 Contemporary Issues in Social Policy (3)
  • SWK 425 Social Work Field Practice II (6)
  • SWK 426 Social Work Field Practice Integrative Seminar II (3)


(6 credit hours)

  • SWK 300 Statistics for Social Work Practice
  • SWK 364 Addictions and Social Work Practice (3)
  • SWK 365 Aging and Social Work Practice (3)
  • SWK 366 Disabilities and Social Work Practice (3)
  • SWK 367 International Social Work (3)
  • SWK 368 Social Work and the Justice System (3)
  • SWK 369 Anti-Oppressive Practice (3)
  • SWK 373 Mindfulness
  • SWK 374 Social Work with Newcomers
  • SWK 395 Selected Topics (3)
  • SWK 460 Child Welfare Practice (3)
  • SWK 461 Dual Disorders: An Integrative Perspective (3)
  • SWK 462 Community Mental Health Practice (3)
  • SWK 463 Social Work Practice with Children and Adolescents (3)
  • SWK 465 Spirituality in Social Work Practice (3)
  • SWK 466 Independent Study in Social Work (3)

Admission Requirements

Review the admission requirements for this program, plus specific details for mature students, international students, and high school equivalencies for applicants outside Manitoba.

Contact Us

Our Admissions Team is happy to provide more information or help you through the application process. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about Booth University College or any of our programs.

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