Aaron Klassen

BA (Hons), MA, PhD
Assistant Professor, Sociology, Behavioural Sciences

Aaron Klassen is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and teaches in the departments of Behavioral Sciences and Community and Urban Transformation at Booth UC.  Understanding the relationship between music and social change lies at the heart of his research.  This is to ask not, how does music contribute to social change, but how is music social change?  By looking at processes of how the sounds of music get into the body, he hopes to understand formative aspects of “the musical self;” and, by tracing those sounds origins back to the wider context of their production and consumption, Dr. Klassen aims to better understand and explain music’s role in mediating the tensions between community and individuality, freedom and security, making up Canada’s widely reported “crisis of youth.”

Dr. Klassen graduated from Carleton University in February 2018, having written his dissertation on musical self-transformation in the case of the Winnipeg-based hip-hopper, Rob “Fresh I.E.” Wilson.  Prior to embarking on his academic career, he led the recklessly abandoned life of an independent musician, performing and recording with various indie bands in and around Winnipeg, and touring across the North American and (Eastern-)European continents.  Today, he lives in Winnipeg where, if not in his office, he’s at home making music with his wife and three kids.

Areas of Interest:

  • Social and Cultural Theory
  • Urban Sociology
  • Interdisciplinary Methods
  • Music and Sound Studies

Courses taught:

  • Intro Sociology
  • Social Problems
  • Popular Culture and the Self
  • Social Change

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