December 18, 2023

Student Success

At Booth University College, we strive to make a high-quality education as affordable as possible through programs that recognize and reward students. We asked a few of our scholarship recipients, including Melissa Mowrey, what this meant for them.

Why did you choose Booth UC?

I had decided on a social work path but was stuck for a while considering my options, not knowing where I would apply. A couple of friends who work in social service settings in Winnipeg spoke highly of Booth UC practicum students and shared that graduates of the social work program are considered well-prepared for a career in the field. I chose Booth UC because of the school’s mission to better local and global communities, the quality academic programming and support systems, the small class sizes, and the atmosphere where diversity and difference are welcomed and included.

How does the scholarship or bursary you received impact your life and/or your studies?

Receiving the Tuition Waiver Scholarship for those formerly in Child and Family Services (CFS) care reduced the financial pressure of paying for school so I could find more balance in my life. I am so thankful for this support because it allows me to focus on my studies full-time, get the most out of my learning, and graduate with less debt. This scholarship is helping me realize my dream of providing a healthy, stable, bright future for myself and my children.

How do you plan on using your “Education for a Better World”?

I am interested in supporting and empowering people involved with the criminal justice system and doing outreach work with people experiencing homelessness, exploitation, and addiction. I intend to help people meet their basic needs, and feel listened to, cared for, supported, and less alone. I plan to promote a healthy work environment and meaningful programming to participants and to advocate for socially just funding, policy, and legislation. Wherever I end up working, I will try to build positive relationships and use the knowledge and skills I gain, along with any power I have as a professional and part of a team, to make more of an impact as a helper.

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