March 8, 2024

Student Success

With a passion for seniors and elder care, Booth UC Social Work student Rachel Peters, has been determined to benefit the system since she was a young girl visiting both her great-grandmothers in two very different nursing homes.

One of the more heart-wrenching aspects of the pandemic was the impact on seniors in residential care homes and the gaps and neglect exposed in Canadian elder care. "Those issues were always there," states social work student Rachel Peters. "They were the same issues I saw when I was 9 and 10 years old visiting my great-grandma in her care home. Understaffing, people being neglected, the pandemic just made it more visible for a while." Rachel, a first-year student with a passion for senior care, hopes to benefit and ultimately change the system.

I saw a vast range of facilities, and how they are run. And the social workers that the residents work with can make a huge impact on how they are taken care of."

- Rachel Peters

A recent high-school graduate, Rachel grew up in the Garden City area of Winnipeg. It was her relationship with her great-grandparents that piqued her interest towards senior care and social work.

To read the rest of Rachel's story, check out our Winter 2024 Connect magazine.

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